A Group Project You Say?….

The Grand Central Cinema, a non-existent magical movie place.  On the 12th of October I ventured out and set on the task of finding this invisible cinema.  Not realising that it was demolished, we (I took my  boyfriend along) took quite some time in finding it’s previous location.  After using the wonderful worldwide web, we discovered where it used to stand and entertain many crowds.  I was a bit sad that the cinema was deceased.  I took the task of taking photos, which proved to be a tad difficult.

The Church

The church

As the reflection of the sun was on the glass atrium covering the church…wait, what? Where’s the cinema?  It was a case of flash or no flash? Different angles, frustration.  Ah that’ll do.  I ended up with some nice pictures of a church (if you squint), behind some glass, that a cinema used to hide.  Here’s a link to Edinburgh Woolen Mill:

…..where The Grand Central Cinema once stood.

photo (1)

There’s a sale on….

Our group made several attempts to meet up but could not agree on an appropriate time so I decided to bite the bullet and take photographs when I was in the city one day.  Go me!


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