Group Communication… A Reflection….

As we are all broke students still waiting on the grant, we communicated freely through Facebook.  We also emailed each other through the student e-mail.  I found their I.D.’s on the group PDF page.  Sometimes I got replies, sometimes I did not.  I could communicate with two members through Facebook and one through student mail when he bothered to be interested.  I don’t even know what one person looks like.  I hope he’s not good-looking.  I saw two members in my first and second lab, but after that we were all assigned to different ones which made communication harder.  Towards the deadline, I was panicking that the work would not get finished.  After a few trying not to be bossy but showing a bit of irritability e-mails, they got the hint, or so I thought.  As I was the only woman in the group, naturally I was the boss, so I made sure those procrastinating boys did some work!  We never actually met to do the work.  By the time the deadline came around, it was myself and Colin who got the work done. I like to do things in good time whereas Colin does things just in time.  Therefore, I learned to have patience working in a group and found that everyone had their own unique way in doing things.  Colin focused on references which is a pet hate of mine as I focused on the information and images.  Together I think we made a good team.  The other members said they would contribute but unfortunately did not by the time the deadline came around.  I am disappointed that they did not, but hopefully they will grow better at group work as time goes by.


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