Being a mature student at University is….different.  I honestly did not know what I was in for when I applied for a Bachelor of Arts in New Media and English.  I am glad I did though.  So far, it is not as scary as I thought.  It was overwhelming at the beginning.  Do people know I’m a ‘mature’ student? Do I look old? All these questions raised a vanity in me that I did not know existed, well kind of… So from asking questions like what age do you think I am?, a very risky one might I add.  Only to be answered by males with 18, 19?  Nope, guess again or go to Specsavers.  Ok, so mid 20’s?  I have worked out my average age to be 24.  I am happy with this.  It knocks five years off, not ten, but that is good enough for me.   My new friends are ten years younger and mock my old age wisdom.  I like to teach them things about olden times.  A shocker when I found out one never saw Jaws!  I told her to watch it, for the love of God or something.  I also went into the Student Union to get my stables sticker only to be told that my age card was so old, and that it reminded her of her two aunts, one of whom is 30.  30!  30 is not old.  I’m still in my twenties, a mantra I can repeat for the next ten months only.  Maybe I can blag my way into one of those secret postgraduate rooms as I get asked at least once a week if I’m ‘postgrad’.  Apart from old age issues, everything is going great so far.  I joined the Badminton club and am slowly learning the rules.  I actually like it.  Yay!  I also joined the Drama society.  I cannot act to save a life but it’s fun.  A stress reliever.  I have not ventured to Crush 87 yet, I am too scared.  What if the bouncers won’t let me in because I’m too old instead of too young? Hmmmm….. I must chance it once though, to say I’ve been there…ye know.   It’s a Saturday night and being an oldie, I am watching Criminal Minds, love that show, anyways, it seems I can’t get away from Gothic literature as Rossi recounts an extract from Edgar Allan Poe.  Why add Jennifer Love Hewitt though? She looks kind of old.  Yep, contradictory, I know.  Anyways, I am looking forward to being an immature, mature student for the next three and a half or so years.  It should be an interesting 30th!!


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