Lights, Camera, Action!

I had a great conversation with a friend about films recently.  Up popped the age-old question, ‘what is your favourite film?’  I don’t have one.  I have not seen a film to date where I have thought, wow, that film is the best I have ever seen.  Maybe I haven’t seen enough films, it’s possible I will never have one.  I decided to have a look at the top 10 highest grossing films in the world.  James Cameron is ruling the roost with Avatar coming in first at $2,787,965,087 in 2009, followed by a favourite of mine, (but not my ultimate favourite) Titanic at $2,186,772,302 in 1997.  For interests sake the following 8 are as follows:

3 The Avengers $1,518,594,910 2012
4 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 $1,341,511,219 2011
5 Frozen $1,279,852,693 2013
6 Iron Man 3 $1,215,439,994 2013
7 Furious 7 $1,156,687,512 2015
8 Transformers: Dark of the Moon $1,123,794,079 2011
9 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King $1,119,929,521 2003
10 Skyfall $1,108,561,013 2012

Having seen the top 10 myself, the most recent being Furious 7, no doubt grossing highly due to the untimely death of Paul Walker, I agree that these films are good.  None are my favourite however.  They are in most part franchised films/trilogies that have avid followers as it is.  Throughout the top 50, you have a repetition of the Hogwarts devotees, the Frodo followers and the Transformers Bumblebee/Megan Fox worshipers.  The following are the highest-grossing franchises:

Rank Series Total worldwide
box office
No. of films Average of films Highest-grossing film

I loves me a bitta Captain Jack Sparrow I do!! (Say in an accent or not at all).

Things get interesting with the highest-grossing films (adjusted for inflation):

Gone with the Wind $3,440,000,000 1939

Avatar $3,020,000,000 2009

Star Wars $2,825,000,000 1977

Titanic $2,516,000,000 1997

The Sound of Music $2,366,000,000 1965

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial $2,310,000,000 1982

The Ten Commandments $2,187,000,000 1956

Doctor Zhivago $2,073,000,000 1965

Jaws $2,027,000,000 1975

10 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs $1,819,000,000 1937

If I had to choose an era of great film-making, it would be the 80’s and 90’s without a doubt, great movies without CGI’ing the whole entire thing.  Actual storylines and plots, not just action scene after action scene.

If I had to choose from the above lists it would be Titanic because the sinking was a reality, it affected so many lives and it’s a tribute, albeit a typical love story, money making movie tribute.

My three favourite F films are: Footloose, Flashdance and Fame.

I’ll end this post with the highest-grossing movie of the year I was born, in honour of the first video on youtube being uploaded 10 years ago today!  If you haven’t seen the Back to the Future films, watch them, they are in my top 10 somewhere.


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