After Erasmus

I am home approximately three weeks from my Erasmus stay in Ghent, Belgium. After having an amazing time, which I will definitely blog about, I feel the need to share my after Erasmus experience. Everyone gives you advice and guidelines before your Erasmus and even during your Erasmus, but no-one tells you how to deal with the after effects. I am happy to be back in UL studying media again, but I am left with this feeling of longing for Belgium. I am definitely unprepared for this. I thought that I would naturally miss it for a week or so but three weeks later and a part of me wishes I was back there.


Ghent, Belgium

It’s strange how you can get accustomed to a place and how it feels like home when your University home has been Limerick for the past two years. I miss walking through the plaza with St. Pieter’s Cathedral staring down at me. I miss the smell of chocolate I got when I walked by the sellers on the street. I miss beer. I am not a beer drinker, at least not in Ireland. The beer there is amazing; cherry-flavoured, mild beer, any beer you can think of, they have it. I never realised that I would miss these small things when I came home. I was lucky that I enjoyed my Erasmus experience, but the negative side of that is wanting to go back.

Picture is my own.


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