Charity Week

This week in UL, I have learnt that even though the majority of students use charity week as a big drinking session, some students still give back. I am fortunate enough to be an MnM which stands for Meitheal na Mac Léinn. We work in teams on day and night shifts to provide safety around the off-campus estates. Our presence puts residents at ease and they can confide in us when a distressing matter arises. The night shifts are more entertaining and busier as most students would be at house parties and would be walking around the estates. We do have to put up with negative personalities and drunk students at all hours. However the positives are being in a team and working well with each other.

Other students volunteer by taking charity buckets and collecting money for charity that way for a few hours a day. Events take place in the courtyard throughout the week which consist of dunking people in water and nearly naked miles. All these things are fun ways to raise money.


All Tvvins playing in the courtyard for Charity Week. 

Students forget that RAG stands for Raise and Give. it is not just an excuse to binge drink for a week, but to raise money for worthwhile charities. Reflectively, I find that UL is a great university when it comes to events such as these.

Photograph is my own.


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