The Presentation of Jekyll and Hyde

This week in our Victorian literature module, we had to give a presentation on The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. There were four of us and I must say that we worked well as a team. We communicated efficiently through Facebook chat to organise what we must do beforehand. We decided on incorporating abjection, double-consciousness and the other into the presentation. I was inspired to write about abjection through Julia Kristeva‘s essay Powers of Horror. Researching the story was actually more interesting than I thought as I found it to be quite intriguing learning different aspects of it. The fascination with the human mind is extraordinary but especially in Jekyll and Hyde as the emotional war between the two characters makes for a good read.

I also watched the 1930’s film Jekyll and Hyde for research purposes. It was dramatically different from the novel, however it did provide good insight into the characters and how Hyde was the true alter-ego of evil.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 13.46.14

A screenshot from our presentation

We also had to have a class discussion at the end of the presentation. This consisted of a few questions we composed ourselves and had the other class members answer them and lead a discussion that way. While I do suffer from nerves giving presentations, I found that working well as a team eased my conscious somewhat.

Overall I think that the presentation went well and we hope as a team to achieve good results.

The link to information on the 1931 film starring Fredric March can be found here on the internet movie database site:






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